Library Haul 6-12-2017

Library Haul 6-12-2017

Hi all,

I just needed to go to Library #4 today, even though I had said I wouldn’t go there again on Wednesdays. I had a very sucky week (my sweet dear hamster, Hakumei, had to be put to sleep after continuous illness on Monday), so I needed some new books. Books that hopefully would distract my mind.

So I came prepared, I had my earbuds in, some great hardcore/trance/electronic music and walked in… to a very much deserted library. 😛 Seems the book Gods saw my sucky week and decided to bless me with a deserted library. Thanks!

I knew I wouldn’t find any new/just released books (checked the library site before going), but I was crossing my fingers I would find books. And I did! I found 8 books!

Stats: 8 books. 1 non-fiction, 6 fiction.

Papadag by Philip Waechter
De prins van Atlantis by Thea Stilton
Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough
Pretpark Toverdroom by Mirjam Gielen, Jeska Verstegen
Zeemist by Mariëlle van Sauers
Drie katten op rij by Kaat Vrancken, Yvonne Jagtenberg
Heftige hersens! by Mark Mieras, Jan Bart Dieperink
Een nieuwe ster voor Theater Popcorn by Monique van der Zanden, Heleen Brulot

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