Review for Almost Midnight

Review for Almost Midnight

A perfect read for the holidays!

I already read both the stories in their respective books/places, but I just had to add this one to my collection, and of course re-read it, because this one featured illustrations! I saw on Twitter several of those illustrations and I was just in love. Instantly.

I have already written one long review for Kindred Spirits, you can read that one here. I would write a new review, but I am still very much agreeing with it, so I don’t feel like writing a new one/editing the old one. My 5 stars also don’t change. I still loved the story!

As for Midnights: 5 stars again. But this time a review. This book tells us the story about Noel and Mags, how they met, and how with each year passing, they get closer and closer. The book starts with 31st December 2014, then goes back to the start of these two characters meeting, 31st December 2011. When it all began. And how it will all end when 31st December 2014 hits. I loved that the author decided on only showing us the last day of the year, and then specifically the last hours/midnight time.

We see the story unfold through Mags’s eyes. We see her not be impressed with Noel at first, but then fast start to fall in love with him. They get really close, and I was just rooting for them. Especially during that last year (2014) when everyone was separated due to colleges having started. I just love reading how close they have gotten, how they were friends, but it turns so much more. Mags is pretty jealous at times, and I don’t blame her. I know the feeling of seeing guy so popular just hit it off with everyone, being so casually about affection. A hug here, a kiss there.

Noel (loved his name) is a pretty great character, and I liked how silly he was, but also how open he was. How he didn’t let things stop him. How he just danced on tables. His outfits are also brilliant, and I just adore his hair (especially now we can actually see it in the illustrations).

I do have to say I wasn’t all too amused with how the nut-allergy thing was handled. I have a nut-allergy myself, and while I could relate with Noel (plus I was happy that there was finally someone with a nut allergy in a book, that is so rare), I wasn’t amused with that last scene. How easily he thought about his medicine. Oh, you ate nuts? I just kissed you? Well oops? I just have some medicine here, and oh hey yes, I have an epipen, not that I use that one or anything. Eh, shrugs. Sorry, but no. Just no. 😐 I know the terror and horror when something that is a nut enters my system (it doesn’t happen often as I am superduper careful, but people are not always so careful (or knowing). It isn’t a Oh well moment, it is a FUCK FUCK FUCK I can’t breathe, my throat is swelling, my tongue is swelling, I have itches, OMG, NOPE get my fucking medicines and get them now-moment. 😐

But all in all, I loved this story and thanks to the illustrations I fell in love with the characters even more.

Yes, the illustrations, a special mention to those. The style is just super-adorable, and I just loved the details, the illustrator really captured the characters in the way I would also see them.

All in all, this tiny little book is wonderful, sweet, and very glittery and pretty. I would recommend it. Even if you are like me, and thus read the stories before, read them again in this book!

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