Review for Can I Join Your Club?

Review for Can I Join Your Club?

A duck wants to join a club, will he be able to join one?

While I was interested in this book, I was worried about the duck. How annoying would he be? What would he do if he kept being rejected? In the end, I never had to worry, instead I quite liked this little guy.

Our duck wants to join a club. Any club will do as long as he can participate in the fun activities, find new friends, and other things that come with being in a club. But sadly he is out of luck. Each club has something that the other needs to do if they want to join the club. Like with the Lion Club. For that one you need to ROAAAAARRR. And ducks, sadly for our Duck, can’t ROOOOOAARR. Instead he tries something but it ends with a Quack. 😛

Eventually he thinks of a brilliant idea and goes to execute it. I really loved his idea, and I loved how he didn’t put up ridiculous requirements for someone to participate. All the other animal clubs can learn something from our Duck friend.

The art was pretty decent. I did like how the animals were drawn, and how well it fit with the animal. Elephants are smart and remember everything (so he is wearing glasses, loves to do chess). Lions are strong (this one is doing exercises all the time), and so on.

All in all, I quite enjoyed this book and I was happy with the message it gives. I would recommend the book.

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