Review for Chihaya-san wa Sono Mama de Ii Vol.1

Review for Chihaya-san wa Sono Mama de Ii Vol.1

1 girl, many tries to diet, and some romance!

Haha, this was just the best. It is a mix of 4-koma and normal manga, and it is all about a girl who feels she is too fat and wants to lose weight. Not that she is succeeding a lot, as she keeps being tempted by delicious food (she has zero self control). Eventually though you can see that she is really trying her best to hold herself in, which causes some hilarious scenes as her stomach betrays her.

I didn’t think she was fat, or too big, if anything she is healthy and has a good body. But I guess in a land like Japan were a lot of people are tiny/small/thin, you feel out of place. Though she indeed may have to hold back on eating as much as she does, because otherwise her healthy body may turn into something different. 🙁

I loved her childhood friend (and I am shipping them together), how he didn’t mind that she had a bit more weight. He likes his girls with a bit of meat on their body. I do hope that in the next volumes we will have a few more scenes with them together. You can see that they are both interested in each other, but I want them to confess and get together for real!

I liked that the mangaka made the eating scenes quite sexy. It reminds me of stuff like Koufuku Graffiti. At times it was a bit weird (as it only happens during the food scenes), but it is a nice touch in general.

The art in general is pretty decent.

All in all, this is one series I will be continuing. And it is one I would recommend.

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