Review for Disaster Strikes #2: Tornado Alley

Review for Disaster Strikes #2: Tornado Alley

This was another fantastic book in the Disaster Strikes series.

After I read the Earthquake book I quickly went to see if there were more books in this series. And there were! Sadly, 2 of them just didn’t seem that interesting (and a bit too weird), but this one seemed to be something I would be interested in reading.

At first all seemed to be OK, but then, after a trip to go fishing, things go in full OMG mode. One tornado is coming for them, and I know I was shouting at Allison to sit in that shelter. But she had to save the dog. I found it a bit weird that she was so focused on the dog, but didn’t think of the other animals who are also in danger. Thankfully, Wyatt is there to save the day, or well, hope that he is able to make it out. It was all really exciting to read.

But that is not where it all ends, oh no. Our friends have to check on friends and family, and they aren’t going to be safe.

I just couldn’t stop reading, I just had to keep reading. In the meantime I was praying that everyone would be fine.

I was a bit surprised that Wyatt (and his 2 friends) didn’t immediately go TORNADO when he and his friends saw the weird sky and noticed all sorts of other weird weather things. We don’t have a mass of tornadoes here, but thanks to books, documentaries, and internet (and of course the book and what it is about), I knew instantly those kids were going to be screwed.

Like the previous book (Earthquake) this one also has another theme. In that book we had a boy who bullies and what happens when our MC and that bully are thrown in an earthquake and its aftermath. And in this one we have our MC and his cousin. He doesn’t like her, for many reasons, but mostly because she is a girl. And just like in the Earthquake book we see how the feelings of these characters chance over the course of the disaster and its aftermath.

I did notice some errors in illustrations. Not only the cover isn’t correct (the dog isn’t outside, but inside the barn), but also when we see Wyatt Dad’s pickup truck, which was picked up by a tornado, hit pretty bad, but then when we see it, it is in perfect condition. This is a bit nitpicky, but it is said that Allison’s shirt should have letters on it. Yet, I don’t even see the faintest traces of it every time we see Allison. 😛

But all in all, I really liked this book. It was exciting, fun, and I would recommend it to everyone. Hopefully the author will write more books with disasters.

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