Review for Isadora Moon Goes to the Ballet

Review for Isadora Moon Goes to the Ballet

The last Isodora Moon I still wanted/had to read. This time Isadora goes to ballet with her class!

I was so delighted when I saw that one of my libraries had this one! And in English even! Wow! This is the only one I still had to read, and I was already thinking I wouldn’t be able to.

But I have to say it wasn’t as fun as the others. Mostly because that annoying piece of fluff is taking a main role, Pink Rabbit. Sorry, I just don’t like him. I am already thanking the heavens that he can’t talk, because I sure would have dropped the series with the first book then. But still, I was looking forward to fun ballet, instead I got an annoying fluff thing taking over everything. 😐

I did like the rest of the book though, I quite loved how the parents went out of their way to come along and volunteer. Especially the dad, since he is a vampire and he thrives at nighttime. Though I was a bit annoyed with how the dad didn’t seem to remember that it was x date and then also took ages with his fricking hair. Dear Lord man, stop doing that. 😐
But other than that, plus points to the parents!

It was also fun to see Isadora and her classmates interact. I know this may sound weird, but I am so happy that Isadora is accepted in their circle. They are so sweet even though she isn’t human. Plus they are so accepting of her parents. Some kids may be frightened, but these kids just love Isadora’s parents and think they are really cool.
I am still wondering if there are more kids like Isadora in normal schools, or if all the vampire or fairies are just in the schools made for them.

The art is still adorable and cute, and I just can’t stop loving the colour scheme of pink/white/black. It just fits so perfectly with our little vampire/fairy family!

I do hope that one day we will have more Isadora Moon books, I am sure there are many more adventures for her in the future.

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