Review for Izzy Gizmo

Review for Izzy Gizmo

Read this book in Dutch but will be writing a review in English.

I know I have seen this book before, on Twitter, and I was planning on reading it (mostly because of the illustrator). But then I forgot all about it (arghh). Thankfully my library had this one in Dutch, so I took it with me.

This was such a fun book. We need more books with girl inventors! Especially ones not afraid to show that being an inventor isn’t easy. Yes, this may sound weird, but I have seen many books that show a bit of frustration when something doesn’t work or nothing at all. This girl however? She gets totally pissed and throws a small tantrum. Which may get annoying, but if anything I loved it. It shows that inventions aren’t made without a hitch. Also, another reason why I didn’t dislike it? Because she keeps going. Sure, she needs some motivational talks from her grandpa, but everyone needs someone to motivate them.

In this book we see her inventions, before the crow we see things like a tea-robot, something to help her grandpa with his shaving, a help with reading machine (which I need). I just loved how intricate and well-made the inventions are. She really has a supertalent for inventing.

But quite soon she has a whole new challenge! A crow falls out of the sky and the poor thing may never fly. But not if it is up to Izzy. Oh no, this girl wants to make sure her best friend is happy, and she tries out all sorts of things, but eventually settles for trying to get her friend to fly again. Which was not only cute, but also had me in stitches as we saw were she got her little parts for the inventions from. 😛

The ending was supersweet, and I was just awwing. And then came the last page and that had me in stitches. Haha. Good luck with that Izzy!

The art was just fabulous, but I hadn’t expected anything different since I just adore the illustrator’s art style! I just love the details on the inventions (especially later with the crow).

All in all, this is one book I would highly recommend.

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