Review for Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie

Review for Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie

Book 1 in the Eleanor series, this time Bibi (the babysitter) leaves, there is a new babysitter, and then it is time for school to start!

Finally my library had book 1, or well, they had it, but it was missing. 😛 I was so delighted that I can read it. Though I do hope they add book 2 to their collection soon. Yes, for some reason they have book 1 and book 3, but not book 2. 😛

The book starts off with a sad part as Eleanor learns that Bibi is leaving. She is going to take care of her sick father in Florida, which means she has to say goodbye to everyone. Of course Eleanor is shocked and sad. I was definitely happy with how her parents brought the news though, that is the best way to bring news like this (though Eleanor thought something else had happened at first).
Throughout the book we see Eleanor trying to live without her #1 babysitter. Everything reminds her of Bibi. From small little things like handshakes or storytelling, but also bigger things like what kind of pizza place Bibi liked. We see her frustrated, sad, but also slowly starting to feel less sad. She has a new babysitter, a new school year to look forward too.

I did think it was a bit funny that it took so long to get a letter from Bibi. I get that she probably lives a long way from Eleanor’s place, and Bibi probably was busy with her father, but I still wonder why it took so long? Is it really the mail, or was Bibi just too busy?

I have to say I was a bit frustrated with Eleanor. I get that Bibi left, I get that this hurts, but that is still no reason to act crappy towards her mom (she has to work, do you want new stuff and to keep that home of yours?) and the new babysitter (I especially was frustrated during that evening time babysitting). Thankfully she starts to warm up to her new babysitter, and I have a feeling these two will be best friends soon. 🙂

But I also liked Eleanor, she is an interesting girl, and I just adore seeing her be so creative (with the drawings). She is also really sweet, and makes sure to fix things when she figures out they are not right (like with the scarf).

Plus I love Natalie. She was just so sweet, she tried her best, but didn’t push when Eleanor was acting up. Instead she tried all sorts of new things to make Eleanor’s days more fun. She listened to Eleanor, talked with her when she wasn’t feeling happy. She is a great person, and a wonderful babysitter.

The teacher and what he did for his introduction? I loved it. What a way to welcome those kids. I liked that he gave them a chance to introduce themselves as well.

Of course, like the other book, there are illustrations throughout the whole book. I still love the style of them. They are adorable, cute, and fit the story perfectly.

All in all, even with a bit of a grumpy Eleanor, I would still recommend this book to everyone. Fun and sweet parents, a wonderful babysitter, a sweet girl named Eleanor who has to learn how to handle the loss of her babysitter and get used to a new school year, illustrations, friendship, and more!

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