Review for Livin’ La Vida Lola

Review for Livin’ La Vida Lola

Think Pink! You are fabulous, feisty, fun, and fearless!

Meet Lola Love (yes, this is really her name). She is a 14-year old girl who has BIG plans for the future. She wants to be an editor for a fashionable magazine. For now though she is stuck in Sucksville. Her aunt is away for her new work. Her mom is still not over the fact her husband (and Lola’s dad) left them. Angel, Lola’s BFF, has been shipped off to a boarding school and is now vacaying in Europe. Yep. You can see that Lola’s vacation isn’t starting well.

Lola was a bit of dramaqueen, but for some reason I couldn’t dislike that. She knew herself that she was a bit of a dramaqueen. 😛 I loved that she made scrapbooks full of fantasy lives. Her being a popstar, a movie star. Her being an editor. Yep, this girl is very creative! And I was definitely loving how empowered she was. She wanted to help out girls, girls like her who had problems with love, life, friends, fashion. Sure, it took her some steps to get to this point, but I loved seeing her grow. With each page, and each step she took, I liked her more and more. I wish I was that strong when I was her age.
Plus her love for movies, and also movie stars (Audrey, Marilyn, etc.) was so sweet and fun.

Bella was a wonderful character, I was just in stitches when that girl shimmied up the drainpipe into Lola’s room to audition for friends. She is a really brave, interesting, fun girl. I loved that she could play the guitar + sing. She really takes her friendship serious, and also doesn’t mind if Lola acts a bit too glittery. She even helps Lola fulfil several of her dreams + gives her more inspiration to do things. Like the band, or the zine.

Sadie, well, I wasn’t sure at first, but dang, that girl was just too awesome. I had a laugh when Lola found out she actually knew Sadie, they were in the same class for one subject. Lola never knew! Sadie is, just like Bella, a musician. She does the drums.
Like Bella, she is really sweet towards Lola, and also immediately becomes her friend.

Angel? Given what we heard of her I was really excited about seeing her making a real appearance, only to be severely disappointed when the girl totally acted like a whiny brat. Sorry, but your best friend still missed you, but she can’t have a life next to you? She can’t make new friends who make her do EPIC stuff? Whut? No.
Thankfully, near the end I saw another Angel. One that I could definitely like. It is just a shame that the author made our first meeting with Angel so suckish. 🙁

Lullah was a fantastic character, well, what we read through the mails/stuff she left behind for Lola to find. I do hope that in one of the books we will also be meeting her face to face. That would be such a delight. I can’t wait to see this fashion queen who found her dreamjob and is living the life of glitter and glamour!

I didn’t quite like the mom. I get that your husband left, and that it really really sucks, but I didn’t like how she treated Lola. How she didn’t motivate her kid to dream. How she didn’t really seem to be much interested in her daughter. I just wanted to shake the woman and tell her that she may have lost a husband, but if she continues like this she may lose her kid as well. 😐
Thankfully, just like Angel, she has a bit of a turnaround and I liked her a bit more. Still not 100%, but at least it isn’t the 10% I had at first.

Throughout the book we have mails, fun illustrations (mainly at the start of the chapters), and lists, and later even the first zine that Lola made!

Ah, and let’s not forget about the romance. There is also a bit of that as Lola has a guy she really likes, and later even another guy she is interested in. I did feel sorry for how the first guy acted, but then again, I couldn’t really see the appeal. He was a typical jock, cares more about appearance than anything else.

All in all, this was a very nice surprise! I had hoped this would be good, but I hadn’t thought it would be this good. I will definitely be continuing this series. I just found out that the other book I got from this series at Boekenfestijn is actually book 3, so I guess I have to buy book 2 through Amazon. 🙂

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