Review for Ore Monogatari Vol.12

Review for Ore Monogatari Vol.12

I was waiting for both 12 and 13 to be out so I could read and finish this series without having to wait.

And I am so happy I did that, as this book ends on a certain point. Yes, I am not rating this volume too high. Why? First up because the first part is about Tanaka, a highly annoying character that I feel should never have been added, especially given what happens when Takeo and Suna finally get through him. I was really rolling me eyes. Was all this needed? Couldn’t we just have more Takeo x Yamato? So yeah, I struggled to get through the first part, and then the second part came.

I had already heard stuff about this manga’s ending, but I hadn’t expected them to be true and so stupid. Is it really necessary to have Yamato leave Japan? To have her move with her family to freaking Spain? It just felt silly, especially since they are in their last years and are starting to think about college. I was actually hoping to see them go to college together, but then BOOM, transfer.
Also I don’t get why Yamato can’t just finish her school here? She is almost done, it seems stupid to just transfer her to a country with a language she doesn’t know + she isn’t that fluent in English.

I was a bit angry at Takeo for how he couldn’t see why Yamato ran away (and took him with her). He found her unreasonable. Yes, it was a bit silly and over the top that she just ran away (and apparently no one cares to ask about how old these 2 are), but I can understand. She just wants to be selfish for once. Her dad also said she never did anything for herself. Not truly at least. She wants to be with Takeo for a bit longer.

The last pages of this chapter had me in tears. Poor Yamato. I do hope the next volume will still have these two together though, I will definitely be unhappy if it turns out they broke up/found different people. I have been rooting for these two so long, and it just feels cheap that the author made Yamato have to go to Spain. 😐

I do want to say that I just adore how the parents gave Yamato space during this time. Sure, they were worried, but Takeo was updating them and Suna with all the latest information. I am glad they decided to just let Yamato be selfish for a bit.

Ah, and I just love Suna and Takeo’s friendship, they are really fantastic friends. Plus in that bonus story? It was amazing what Takeo did for Suna there.

So yeah, I will be reading the last volume as soon as I have this review up. I want to know what happens in the last volume. I want to know if they stay together (marriage, please!).

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