Review for Sugar Town

Review for Sugar Town

RIP I am dead, this was too cute! <3

I will be trying to write a review, but I am still all in squee-mode so the review may be a bit chaotic.

I have been looking forward to this book for a long time, sadly neither Amazon nor Bookdepository had it for quite some time, until I suddenly spotted it on BD. Of course I immediately bought it. I just had to have this story.

It is my first foray into these kind of relationships. I have seen all sorts while reading, but I haven’t had the pleasure to read one about a bi-sexual girl in a poly relationship. I am definitely glad that this book is the one to introduce this to me. Because, boy boy, this was just too adorable.

Plus this also brought a dominatrix, Argent or Hazel as she is also known, in the mix, and I wasn’t entirely sure about that, but after reading it, I can say that I quite liked it. I instantly took a liking to her. Yep, just like Hazel (our MC) I was smitten. <3 She just has a kind of feel about her that makes you want to go to her and talk to her.

I loved Hazel (our MC) when I saw her, I loved her shyness, but also her boldness (yes, this sounds contradicting, but our girl can do both. She is very shy, but also isn’t afraid to go for it). I loved how she fell head over heels with our other Hazel (whose real name is Argent), a dominatrix. I liked how she discussed all the deets with her boyfriend, Gregor, who in return to Hazel about his lady friend. 😛 Which seemed to me quite awkward, and for me it still feels like cheating to me. Sorry, I don’t mean it in a bad way. Not at all. I am just not a girl for such open relationships. I am more of an one person relationship.
We also see Hazel struggle with her feelings for Gregor. She really really loves him, but doesn’t dare to tell him that. She is also quite insecure at times about his escapades (at least that is how it felt to me).

The dates between Hazel and Hazel/Argent just made my heart skip and made me squee quite a few times (thankfully, I was alone while reading this :P). These two are just too adorbs, but I knew it wouldn’t be forever (Hazel has to go back home again), and that made these moments even more special. I knew these two would meet up again someday, but until then… these days are all they have.

I also loved their talks together. Hazel/Argent really was a help to Hazel who had some doubts about things.

I loved what Hazel did for Hazel/Argent as a goodbye/Christmas gift. That was just so precious.

The ending had me in tears. I want more of these two! Will they meet up again? Arghh, I need more of them. Plus I want to see the moment when Hazel tells Gregor that she loves him.

The art was quite pretty, I loved how the characters were drawn.

All in all, give me more of these two! I would highly recommend this one to everyone.

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