Review for The Case of the Vanishing Emerald

Review for The Case of the Vanishing Emerald

Theatre, an expensive necklace, a brand-new mystery!

My newest Maisie Hitchins, I was delighted when I spotted this one over at Boekenfestijn. I was already hoping to read more of this series as I really loved the first book I read of the series.

This time we have tons of theatre as Maisie’s new adventure and mystery takes her to the theatre to find out who has stolen a priceless necklace! Who has stolen the necklace, and why? is it because it was expensive? Or was it because of something totally different? Is there really a curse surrounding the necklace, or is someone messing around? You can see that there is a lot of things going on, and I just couldn’t stop reading until I found out what exactly had happened.

I also loved that we have other people living in the home of Maisie and her grandma. I read the last book in the series so I saw quite different people. I wonder if in the books between this one and 7 there are other people living there until we get to the people in book 8.

Whereas book 8 mostly took place at home/at the docks, this one mostly takes place at home/theatre. I loved reading about the theatre, it was such a fun place (though so much filled with rats, Maisie’s dog had a fun time).

The mystery was really fun to read, though I have to say I had an instant suspect when we met that person. While I am normally not too happy with instant suspects, I didn’t mind it that much in this one, as it was fun to see Maisie figure it all out, and to also see the reaction of the actress.

I am also happy that we saw Maisie’s friend again! Not as much as the previous book, sadly, but she is still helping out with the case.

Like the previous book I loved how the book was formatted as a diary/notebook with pages that have gone through quite a bit.

The book also has illustrations and I did quite like them. It is a bit simple, especially in regards to the characters, but I do think the cute/simple style fits the book.

All in all, I definitely need to find the other books in this series as I want to know what other mysteries Maisie will solve!

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