Review for The Kingdom Vol.1 – Anne

Review for The Kingdom Vol.1 – Anne

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Welp, this one seemed oh so much fun, but after reading it I am struggling to stay awake. Boy, this was supposed to be funny? Hahaha, not.

Anne was the best character, but even she couldn’t hold me to the story. I did think it was admirable she made the tavern and did her best to make it something. I loved how she didn’t fall for that blacksmith, but instead constantly runs away or tells him off. 😛

The king? The queen? The blacksmith? And oh good grief, those birds? Urghhh. I disliked them all. Some more than others. The blacksmith should just get a clue already, the king should just stop pining for Anne, the queen should just get the hint that the king is not interested in her and that she is a total snob and stuck-up insert bad words, the birds? Please someone just shoot them already. Talking animals are hit and miss, but in this book it is definitely a giant miss.

The jokes aren’t funny, am I supposed to laugh about Anne sleeping with the king because of an owl? Or when Cecile isn’t coming out of the toilet and thus they decide to break the door down? Am I supposed to laugh about the birds?

The only time I laughed is when Anne made it to the town and all that happened there (the fall out of the sky, the trip to the fountain).

The art is OK I guess, I liked Anne’s design the best.

But would I recommend this one? No. Not at all.

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