Review for This is NOT a Bedtime Story

Review for This is NOT a Bedtime Story

Read this book in Dutch, but I will be writing my review in English.

This was such a sweet, adorable, hilarious, fun, rolling over the floor, exciting book, and I just couldn’t stop reading. It was everything I hoped it would be, but also more.

Meet Tess, she loves bedtime stories (who doesn’t), but she is getting tired of the same old kittens, birthday parties, glitter and glamour. Which, I totally agree with. There is a certain amount of that one can handle, after that one needs to read something else. 😛

I loved how Tess grabbed the reigns of the story, and kept changing it and how her dad, desperately, tried to follow the story and help guide it along, making small comments here and there. From adding lions to rockets to kidnapping to robots, believe me this cute little kitten story is going for a wild ride. It certainly got a whole lot better to read!

I did feel a bit sorry for the dad, he didn’t expect the story to derail so fast, and that his little daughter had all that in mind. But I also laughed so hard at his expressions, how surprised he was, his reactions, and then that last page. Poor dad, maybe next time he will think better of reading a kitten story. 😉

I was a bit worried that Tess wouldn’t be able to sleep, she was so enthusiastic and bouncy that I saw it ending with the dad asleep from all the excitement and the whirlwind that his daughter is, and the girl just bouncing around her dad. Of course I won’t tell you what happens, you will have to read this book yourself, go on, read it.

All in all, I loved this book to bits. The art was also quite good, I do like the style (so cute, but also able to do some great action scenes). I would recommend this book to everyone, I am sure kids will adore this one, and parents will laugh as they probably also know the feeling of reading the same story over and over again and that change would be nice. 🙂

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