Waiting on Wednesday ~ Nancy Parker’s Chilling Conclusions

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Nancy Parker’s Chilling Conclusions

Good evening all,

Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! Those who have read/seen my Christmas Present Haul know that Santa did see most of my special editions of Waiting on Wednesday! cheers

This week no special edition of this post, however starting next week I will do another round of them, as my birthday (February 5th) is coming soon, and I need to promote a few of the books I would absolutely love to have! crosses fingers

So for today’s post a book that I didn’t know about until today, and then I just had to run and pre-order it (and along with it several other books). It is the third book in a series, it has mystery, murder in a library (oh my), and a fantastic protagonist. Yep, I had a few start-up problems with Nancy at first, but now I do quite like her. Plus I have a weak spot for books written as a diary.

The book comes out next week, and I am hoping that Amazon will send it quickly when it comes out. I need to read it!

Maidservants, Mystery, and Murder! Everyone’s favourite housemaid-detective is back! Nancy has a new job as a ladies’ maid, and is accompanying her new employer on a visit to the grand and mysterious Midwinter Manor. The house is full of guests, and with each one eccentric and intriguing in their own way, it’s set to be an interesting few days. But things turn from interesting to downright deadly when Nancy discovers a dead body in the library.

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