Hardcover Surprises ~ De kinderen van Olympus

Hardcover Surprises ~ De kinderen van Olympus

Hai everyone,

So recently (about a week ago), I started reading the first book of De kinderen van Olympus. I bought book 1,3, and 4 at Boekenfestijn. (Sadly, they didn’t have book 2. :() While reading I got very much curious about what was under the paper jacket that covered the book. I decided to take a peek, and I found out there was another cover underneath on the actual book!

I decided to check out the other 2 books, and behold, they also had a surprise!

Plus opening the books fully (so you can see the entire jacket also proved to be quite nice. They really put thought in designing the cover, and I love that they did so much! It just makes a series extra special!

I will be making a new post if I ever manage to find book 2,5, and 6. 🙂

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