Hardcover Surprises ~ Harry Potter: A History of Magic

Hardcover Surprises ~ Harry Potter: A History of Magic

Hi everyone!

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It has been a while since I last done a Hardcover Surprise post. Mostly, because I generally just buy paperbacks instead of expensive hardcovers. But during Christmas I got one of my must-haves, Harry Potter: A History of Magic. That book is in hardcover, and while checking the book (and fangirling because it was awesome), I noticed something on the actual cover (not the jacket). I decided to remove the jacket, and suddenly a snake was staring at me. I unwrapped the rest of the book, and WOW, there is a whole snake wrapped around the book’s cover. It is absolutely beautiful to see, and I am almost thinking of alternating between having the cover on and off as both these covers deserve to be seen.

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