Library Haul 2-1-2018

Library Haul 2-1-2018

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the first Library Haul for 2018! Squee!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go today, I am still feeling wobbly from the past two days (been pretty sick), but I could really use some new books.

So I went off while I had some time, and at first I couldn’t really find books (they only had one new book that I wanted and it wasn’t found anywhere so I had to ask a librarian), but then later on I found 6 books! I am really happy, was already worried that my first haul of the year wouldn’t be that good.

Stats: 6 books. 2 Non-fiction, 4 fiction.

Buitenspel by Vivian den Hollander
Goal! by Vivian den Hollander
Sanne op ski’s by Paula van Manen
Je bent maar twee keer jong! by Quentin Blake
Afghanistan ongecensureerd by Ton Koene
Voor Papa by Daan Remmerts de Vries, Marije Tolman

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