Library Haul 23-1-2018

Library Haul 23-1-2018

Hiya all,

Today I visited Library #4 again, while again they didn’t have many new interesting books (yes, they did have some new books), I wanted to grab some new food. 😛

While there I spotted a display for Lees Met Andermans Ogen (Read With Other People’s Eyes), this is campaign that started this week, to motivate people to read a book that shows you another POV in life. For instance if you are able to see, read a book about someone who is blind, if you are not-religious read a book about someone who believes. I think it is a really interesting and great idea, many people are stuck reading the same stuff (not that this is a bad thing), and maybe this motivates them to try something else for a change. 🙂

So I picked up two books from the dispaly that seemed interesting. One is a re-read, it is about a Moroccan woman living in a mostly white neighbourhood. The other is a kind of funny manual on guys.

I also found 2 other books that I wanted to read, and managed to find 4 more Jan, Jans en de kinderen that I still want to read. So I got a ton to read again!

Stats: 8 books. 4 comics, 3 non-fiction, 1 fiction.

Vinexvrouwen by Naima El Bezaz
Het houden van mannen by Myrthe van der Meer
Rico by Leon Verdonschot
Gesprekken met mijn puber by Annette Heffels
Jan, Jans en de kinderen 40 by Jan Kruis
Jan, Jans en de kinderen 46 by Jan Kruis
Jan, Jans en de kinderen 47 by Jan Kruis
Jan, Jans en de kinderen 51 by Jan Kruis

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