Library Haul 27-1-2018

Library Haul 27-1-2018

Hi all,

Happy weekend to everyone! My weekend is of to a good start with some new Library #2 books to read.

I sadly didn’t have many reservations, only 2 this time, hopefully next week will bring more new books! Ah, and you may see my Library Haul post on a different day, Thursday/Friday, not sure which day yet. On Saturday I won’t have time to go to Library #2, and the rest of the week following that… well. 😛

The Eden book, I tried that one in English, wasn’t that impressed, but I am going to see if the Dutch book works better. Sometimes it does.

De schat van de spookpiraat by Geronimo Stilton
ANWB Extra London by Peter Sahla
Meer vinexvrouwen by Naima El Bezaz
Aan het hof van Eden by Joelle Charbonneau
Mijn kind leert lezen by Judith Joosten
Haagse Binnenstad van Hollands Spoor naar Staatspoor by Roel Rozenburg
Extreme sports by Raymond Krul
Verse Munt, Lamsbout & Baklava by Karin Vaneker
Verliefd by Stefan Boonen, Jan Van Lierde
Geloof het of niet! by Geoff Tibals
Het meisje met de botjes by Sebastiaan Van Doninck

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