Library Haul 6-1-2018

Library Haul 6-1-2018

Hi everyone!

First library #2 haul for 2018! And it was quite a nice haul as well, I got 12 new books to read (and hopefully enjoy).

I am really glad it is Saturday, I still have non-library books to read, but I am done with all library books and could use a fresh batch.

I had 7 reservations, could have been 1 more, but one book is still magically missing (been on transport for days, and other on transport books have been delivered to my main library), guess they are starting off the year right with yet another wrong shelving. 😛

After that some wandering through the library, and I found 5 more books to bring with me.

And one reservation may look familiar to you. The Heel Holland Bakt book, I had it last year, but that was when the season was still airing, so I wanted to wait until after the season (so around October/November). But then it took until this week before it was finally available to me.

Stats; 12 new books. 4 Non-fiction, 8 Fiction books.

Liefdestips aan mezelf by Sylvia van Driessche
Het idee van Pé by Frans Lasès, Tom Schamp
Verboden te openen! Het bijt! by Charlotte Habersack, Frédéric Bertrand
Sophia by Sophia van Sorgen
De kristallen sleutel by Manon Spierenburg
Egels onze vriendelijke tuinbezoekers by Tialda Hoogeveen, Irene Goede
Heel Holland bakt mee: Seizoen 5 by Martine Steenstra
Dikkertje Dap by Annie M.G. Schmidt, Noëlle Smit
Erfgoed van de oorlog by Rutger Vahl, Geert-Jan Mellink
Roza Rozeur, ingenieur by Andrea Beaty, David Roberts
Jouw verhaal by Madalena Matoso
Over Eensteen en de diefstal van de kleur by Kitty Peetoom, Jenny Bakker

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