Paperback Surprises ~ Kuro (Complete Series)

Paperback Surprises ~ Kuro (Complete Series)

Hi all,

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Today not a Hardcover Surprise, but its sister, Paperback Surprises! Often paperbacks don’t hold any surprises, but the covers I will be showing you will! It is a series named Kuro, you may have seen my reviews appear on my blog, it is a beautiful, and at times, heartbreaking series with lots of creepy moments and mystery. But also the love of a girl for her cat, even if that cat may not be who he seems to be.

The covers for this series are absolutely stunning. They are already pretty just by seeing the front and back, but then you open up the flaps so the cover expands, and voila, even more gorgeous (and creepy) details fill the scenery. I just have to share them!

P.S: How are you guys liking the GIF I found for this type of post? This is exactly how I react when I see a cover with a surprise (WOW!).

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