Review for Erik the Lone Wolf

Review for Erik the Lone Wolf

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well, this could have been a bit better. I still had a lot of fun reading it… but…

Sure, the premise was cute, a wolf cub wants to be alone for a while, without his pack/family bothering/smothering him all the time. I was really looking forward to the adventures of this little wolf, but also hoping that he would eventually go home again.

Instead it starts off pretty much like I had hoped, but then x happened and then y happened and I just felt like it was way too rushed. He barely had any adventures! He barely did anything! It is such a shame, and while I can imagine the author didn’t want to make it too long, I feel like this picture book could benefit with a few more pages, just to give the cub a bit more adventure and freedom.

I could understand the cub though, I think even human kids feel the same way, though they can’t just climb mountains like this wolf does, but I can just imagine them climbing very high trees or going away a bit further from home. Family means the best, but sometimes you just want to be free/without the constant coddling.

The art was so-so.

All in all, it was still a fun story, and I did like the cub and the pack. 🙂

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