Review for FRNK Vol.1 – The Beginning Begins

Review for FRNK Vol.1 – The Beginning Begins

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

What happens when a boy, looking for his parents, lands in prehistoric times? Well first of all, learning the natives vowels, as they are all talking without those. And how that sounds/looks? Well, I guess you probably texted enough times and were too lazy to spell out words. There you go. 😉

I wasn’t sure about our MC in the first 3 pages (though I can understand why he didn’t want those parents, one didn’t seem interested in kids, the other was a bit too sports-obsessive, and the other had just too many puppies (I never thought I would say this)), but quickly (probably about the time when he decided it was a great idea to sneak away ending with him hanging for dear life over a greenhouse) I liked him, and with each page I found him more and more interesting and sympathetic.

I loved how he first thought he was at a set (given what he saw at the cave entrance), but how he quickly realised that maybe, just maybe, this was all reality. And like so many typical stories set from modern to prehistoric his first worries were the fact there was no internet and he would miss the release of a game he liked. Yup, priorities straight.

I loved that when the people learned vowels, their first word wasn’t their names, oh no, it is a classic and it had me in stitches. 😛

The art was fabulous. Unlike so many graphic novels were at times the art doesn’t look too pretty when the characters are in motion, this one captures everything perfectly. I really have zero complaints about the illustrations. They are perfect, especially the expressions which had me rolling off my chair a few times. The style is a bit reminiscent of another comic, but I can’t for the life of me think which one it was.

It is just a shame that this volume is only 58 pages. I definitely want more of it. I want to see if our MC can find his parents (do they perhaps live in this age, if yes, are they still alive?), and I want to see what his plans are for the cavemen (and cavewomen). Is he really going to start learning them how to farm? Is he really going to show them how life is supposed to work? Boy, I can’t wait!

All in all, highly recommended and I hope that a second volume will come out soon.

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