Review for Goldfish Ghost

Review for Goldfish Ghost

A tiny dead goldfish is looking for a place to spend his afterlife, can he find it?

Thanks to Santa for giving me this book, I was really hoping to read it one day, as it is written by Lemony Snicket!

Our little fish has given the ghost, he is floating over the place he died (poor thing, though I am not sure if I should be angry at the little boy, given all the books on the fish subject) and he is going on a journey through town to find somewhere to settle down. Thanks to all the news I have seen I had a bit of a laugh at the fact the fish was in a fishbowl (oh dear, hopefully no one will call the police on the little guy).

Back to the journey, it was really fun to see the fishy float all over town, often going on the wind, and so we see all the town (and from what I can see our little boy getting a new fish), but also the sea, the lighthouse, and various other places. I am definitely noping out on the fact that there are dead fish floating above the sea. 😛

The ending was at first a bit sad, but then I was happy. Happy for not only our fish but also that person.

I love the illustrations, then again I knew that from her first collaboration with Lemony Snicket. There are just so many details you can find, at times I was done with reading but I stayed on the same page for a bit longer to soak up everything and to see if I could find some secrets.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book and I hope that Lemony Snicket will be writing more books!

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