Review for Heidi Heckelbeck Has a New Best Friend

Review for Heidi Heckelbeck Has a New Best Friend

A new friend, and lots of trouble between friends, and a new magic spell!

This wasn’t as good as the other Heide Heckelbeck’s I have read, mostly because of the drama between the friends and the fact that I didn’t like Bryce that much. Well, at first I did like her and I was happy to see a new friend arrive next door, but as soon as she started talking and talking and talking (not letting Heidi get in a word) and then acting mean towards Heidi’s friends (she was really terrible).. sorry, it was over for me. This is just not how you act towards people, this is not the way to make friends. 😐

The new spell was pretty fun (and I would definitely make use of it if I could do that spell), though I did think it was a bit cliche that her best friends could see her when she needed some friends.

I also love how Heidi and her brother are together. No fighting, just sweet brother and sister love.

Of course the book is full with fun illustrations that make the story a lot more fun, and given Bryce, also more bearable to read. ;P

But I do hope that the next Heidi book I find will be more fun to read and has less silly dramarama.

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