Review for I am a Story

Review for I am a Story

“I was censored, banned, and burned, but did not die.”

Welcome to I am a Story, a book I have been hoping to read for quite some time now, but I could never find it until today! Thank you library #1, you suck mostly, but sometimes you have some treasures!

This is a story about a story. How stories started, starting with it being told around the campfire, told from person to person, going to being written down (in one way or another), to be spoken on the stage, to being published and lend out at a library, so many ways of a story to be told. This picture book gives us the whole history of a story condensed in cute, fun, pretty format.

Yep, I really loved the book, it was just as cute and fun (and of course interesting) as I had hoped it would be. I loved how it also touched on subjects like banning and burning, but also tells us how a story will never die. It will find a way to be told.

The illustrations/the style of the illustrations was great. Even kids who can’t read can understand the story through the illustrations (and so the story gets told no matter what).

Recommended to everyone.

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