Review for Kuro Vol.3

Review for Kuro Vol.3

The finale of Kuro is here! This was a wonderful end to a beautiful series.

This last volume made me cry as there were some stuff that Coco finally is realising, finally she is seeing what happened. And it makes me happy, but also sad. It took her a while, and we can also see that Kuro has been protecting her, not only from the monsters but also from the truth. He apparently now realises she has other friends, people who care for her, so he can let her go, well, at least partially. 😛

It was pretty awesome how the author showed us how Coco realised stuff. How her friends came to her aid, and tried to help her out, how they let her to a room, how everything in her mind came to realise what happened.

I am really sad about Kuro, but I am also happy. I was already wondering how he seemed to be different from all the other monsters that live in this world. But this explains quite a bit.

The accident, or what happened to her parents, well, I am sorry but I just had a little bit of a laugh at how it happened. I am sure those who read it will understand what I am talking about. Of course it was also heartbreaking to read, as it meant the end of sane Coco. 🙁

The ending was really good and so sweet and filled with happiness, I had a bit of a laugh at that last page though.

The side-story was good, but not really my favourite, I just found it a bit too silly, but then again all those side stories seem to be silly. 😛 I was happy that we saw Coco as an adult. 🙂

I am still a bit curious about this world, the monsters, but I am glad we got a lot of explanation and that we also get flashbacks to the past.

All in all, I really loved this series, Coco and Kuro’s interactions were adorable, there is enough seriousness as well, friendship, creepiness, magic, and more. Plus the art is just fabulous and wonderful. And I just adore it when manga are all/partially in colour!

I would recommend this entire series to everyone!

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