Review for Lola Love and the Rainbow Hearts

Review for Lola Love and the Rainbow Hearts

It is time for the battle of the bands!

So this book finally got delivered, phew, and I could continue with this series (as I got book 1 and 3 from Boekenfestijn, but didn’t have book 2). This time we have a battle of the bands, a cute popstar, friendship, and much more.

This time our girls are going to enter a Bands competition! Not only because they want to be a fabulous band, oh no, they also want a chance to meet with a very cutie popstar named Tootie Cuti (really that name :P). And so it all starts. They need fabulous clothes, they need a band name, they need to make a demo, well, you get the idea. Of course not everything goes smoothly, Lola makes decisions of her own, the other girls have to get used to Angel (she is quite a whirlwind). It was really fun to read how the girls were trying their best to make something awesome.

I also liked the mom in this one. It seems yoga dad has a good influence on the mom. She is much nicer, friendlier, and caring. I am still hoping that yoga dad and Lola’s mom get together, they would make a cute couple. 🙂

It take me a bit longer to read as the way the girls talk is a bit off/weird for me. That is not a bad thing though, I did think it was quite fun/creative how the girls talked, but since I am not used to anyone talking like that, it takes me longer to read through the book.

I am not going to discuss the girls again, already did that in the first review. 🙂 But I will list my fav girls for this book from most to least: Lola, Bella, Sadie, Angel (sorry, Angel, but your tude is a bit too much at times).

I did think the rival band to the Rainbow Hearts in the Battle of the Bands was a bit roll eyes worthy. Really, couldn’t it been someone else? It had to be them? It just felt a bit too cliche, a bit too coincidental. So yeah, not really my fav part of the book. Though I did like what happened to them, yep, Karma will come around.

The book is still dotted with illustrations, and I still absolutely love the style. Cute, sassy, fun, sweet, but there is one thing that was a bit odd to me. You can see Angel with a microphone in a few of the pictures while it was quickly determined that singing + Angel = a big pink no no. So I wonder why she isn’t shown with her tambourine, as she is the dancing tam tam girl of the group.

Given what happens at the Battle of the Bands I can just guess what the next book will be about. I can’t wait to see if I am right, luckily I won’t have to wait long, I am going to start the book quite quickly after I finish this review.

I would recommend this book!

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