Review for Lola Love: Cupcakes and Glitter Shakes

Review for Lola Love: Cupcakes and Glitter Shakes

Lola Love is back again, and this time she gets the chance of a life time!

I so do love this series, it is fun, happy, and pink. Every book so far has brought a smile to my face, and each time I can’t wait to see what fun things Lola is going to do.

And this time she gets a wonderful chance, to work as an intern at Missy Magazine during her break! Of course, Lola is all up to it, but she is also worried about her friends, she had plans with them during the break. It was a bit over the top though, I am sure your friends would understand, no need to go dramaqueen and even want to cancel the whole thing. 😐

But the internship, and also the times she spend with Skye were really fun and I enjoyed reading about all the things that Lola was able to do and what she learned (and she learned a lot which she will be using in her next zines).

I like that they gave her lots of fun opportunities, not only had her do the boring work, but also allowed her to go to an interview, make her own article, and many other things.

There was also the last part, and I was happy with what Lola did there.

I hated Maddie, I already didn’t like her when we first met her, but she really ruins the fun with her actions in this one. I did agree with Lola, mean girls should just stay in movies and not happen in real life. I am also getting highly tired of the mean girl trope and for all I care they could just go away far far away. I did think it was weird Tori let her stay, even when she probably clearly could see that this girl is up to no good. I am glad with the ending though, but I do think this may spark more hate from Maddie and Eva. 😐

I also missed the band a bit, would have been fun to see them get together at least once.

And I am still loving the illustrations, they are so fun, though it is kind of funny that sometimes parts of the girls just seem to disappear as they are the same colour as the paper. 😛

I guess I will have to buy book 4 and further soon, I want to see what Lola gets up to in the next one!

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