Review for Queen Street

Review for Queen Street

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Welp, this sounded much more interesting, but I really had to drag my butt through the story. I just couldn’t get into it at all. All I could see was a mom trying her best but failing at everything (and then getting grumpy at her husband when he has to stay away longer to EARN money, gee girl, you could have known he wouldn’t be home for much when you married him….).

All this book was about was about a mom who can’t keep a job for a long time for many reasons and then worries all the time about money, her kid, her kid, and more of her kid. She complains about her job to various people. I didn’t really see her take an effort to find a new job during this story. Yes, I get that she just lost her job, but since it is so dire with their money, why didn’t she immediately go for a new job? Or at least went and searched for one.

I felt sorry for how Melodie was treated at the dance school. 🙁

The ending also felt incomplete. Like there was meant to be more, but they ran out of place so they quit. I guess there will be a second volume someday, at least that is what I expect, and otherwise it would make the ending even worse.

The art is truthfully the only thing I really liked about this graphic novel. It was gorgeous, manga-styled, and I loved each and every part of it. From the character designs to the little details everywhere. Plus I loved seeing her illustrate Melodie’s fantasies (and also see several references to anime/manga. Sailor Moon!).

But all in all, not really a fav and I won’t be reading it further should there ever be a next book.

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