Review for Reindeer Boy

Review for Reindeer Boy

My first book of the 2018, of course it had to be this one.

I spotted this book first a few months ago, and then wanted to wait to see if I would get it from Santa, which I did! When I flipped through the book a few months ago I was instantly in love. Not only because of the amazing Cassandra Jean art, but also because the idea of reindeer being human and falling in love with humans made my heart skip.

Our MC, Quincy, is a sweet and spunky girl who has a pretty happy life. Nothing much out of the ordinary except for during Christmas when she gets a special present every year. I loved how open she was when she met the reindeer people (unlike so many others who made fun of them), and how eager she was to learn more about them, what they did, what magic they knew. I also had quite a few laughs at her reactions to various things that the Reindeer people did/or when they explained stuff (like the time she just ran away), or when she met Kris (which had me laughing so hard I was coughing and woke up my boyfriend from his nap). 😛

It was just so much fun to discover how Quincy got her horns (as apparently this doesn’t happen normally), and I had kind of expected her to get angry when she learned the reasons (I know I would kind of be pissed). I was also happy that she didn’t hide them for much longer. Though I do wonder how she will explain these antlers to people. Since it doesn’t seem to be that common. I wonder if people will still be kind to her.

There is just one reason why I am not rating this a 5+ star as I was planning while I was reading. The whole Conway x Quincy stuff + how the ending was done. Conway x Quincy, I would have loved to see that explored (given how both of them feel) and seen that getting a proper closing instead of what happened now. Because with everything now it just felt like their togetherness was added for shit and giggles. Then there was the ending, it just felt forced and hurried. I feel there could be tons more of story, but the story was over all of the sudden.

Sure, I was happy with the couple, they match so well, but yeah, it could have been written a bit better.

The art was just absolutely fabulous. The characters are beautifully drawn, there are tons of details (like their eyes being the same as reindeer), and I just had to pause sometimes to drink up all the beautiful illustrations.

But all in all, I really loved this story, I love the idea of people who have reindeer antlers, who deliver things (magical and I just adored the reactions of people when they suddenly got their package), Kris Kringle, and so many other things. I just couldn’t stop reading. And I was swooning at every new addition to the Reindeer family (oh boy oh boy).

I probably could rave and talk about this book longer, but I think I have said all I wanted to say! I would recommend this book to everyone, and I will be seeing if I can find more art by this artist/writer.

2 thoughts on “Review for Reindeer Boy

  1. This sound really interesting and right up my alley, but could you please tell me more about what kind of format this is? Graphic novel / manga? Light novel?

    Thanks 😀

    1. Hi! The format is a graphic novel.
      You’re welcome, and I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did (or even more)! Be prepared to swoon!

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