Review for Starting Over at Steeple Ridge

Review for Starting Over at Steeple Ridge

Two people, totally different, will meet each other and fall in love while caring for horses.

So, I had to read a book for a challenge on my group, and I decided this one would be fun. I love books about horses, this one seemed to have a fair amount of romance, and so I just had to try it out. And boy oh boy, I am happy I did. Sure, some of the drama was unnecessary (like the whole thing about Missy kind of resenting Tucker for buying the place), but the romance was sweet, the characters fun, and of course there are horses.

We first meet with Missy, see her working her butt off at the stables. We see her being hurt that she wasn’t able to buy it (it was one of her dreams), and already quietly resent the guy she doesn’t even know for buying it. And then we meet Tucker, see how oblivious he is to everything, how he just bought the farm on a whim to run away from everything in the city (which is just a terrible reason, but hey, you don’t hear me complaining it got these two characters together).

I have to say I didn’t quite like Tucker at the start. I just found it way too stupid that he just bought a whole farm without even knowing how to work it, how to care for the animals, how to do anything actually. And then to also just buy a house in the town instead of living on the farm. He just seemed like a slick playboy with too much money and too big ego. Over the course of the book I started to like him more and more, and I started to appreciate him. Though I am not too sure what I thought near the end when he did that for Missy. It is a sweet gesture, but really… just ask before you do that.
But I did think he was really sweet towards her. He respected her boundaries and went really slow, and I just loved that. So many romance books have them hurry through all the firsts, but he takes it slow and sweet.

Missy, I did like her, but I did have a laugh at how she tried her best to be kind of angry at Tucker, but how she couldn’t stop her feelings and just fell head-first in love with him. I did think she was really brave to keep going, some people would have just gone away after having their dreams shattered, but she stayed, she fought, she tried her best to make something of her life.
We also learn of her previous marriage and I just wanted to hug and hold her. Poor girl, I can imagine dating isn’t easy then with that experience. Not to mention finding a guy who doesn’t mind his girl working 10 to 12 hours a day.

As the book continues we see them fall in love, get to know each other’s past (both of them have an interesting past). There is a good amount of horses and care for them (and even an escape).

I also liked the religious aspect that was featured in this book. Both characters believe in God, they go to church, they pray. The author really found a way to make religion important, but not overbearing. I am religious myself, but I am not a big fan of overly religious books, this book just has the perfect amount.

I loved that this book is written from both Tucker and Missy’s POV. You get to see both of them and learn all about them. I am happy that the writer did this. I am sure I wouldn’t have liked Tucker as much as I did now if I hadn’t seen his POV.

The ending was a bit over the top for my feeling, but I am happy with how everything turned out in the ending! I would love more books with this couple.

All in all, recommended if you are looking for a cute, clean, adult romance.

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