Review for Stella and the Movie Star

Review for Stella and the Movie Star

Stella wants to be a star, will it work out for her?

This was my first Stella book, I know there are more, but this one seemed the most fun out of the few I spotted. Sadly, in the end it was a quick and cute read, but I have to say I didn’t like Stella that much.

Bethany is supposed to be the mean one, but Stella… also isn’t that nice. Instead of staying herself she tries too hard to become someone she is not. Plus I also got a bit tired of her OMG I am sooooooooo fabulous attitude. Yes, we get it, you are fabulous, well according to yourself. You should just have listened to your friends. And not let things get to your head so high.

I did like the movie and the hubbub that it brought along. I would have liked to see more of it though, maybe see some scenes.

The art is so-so, not really my style. I am just not a big fan of (old) 3d computer graphic looking illustrations.

So I am not going to continue this series. But I am happy I at least tried one book. It had its good moments, but sadly also enough not good moments.

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