Review for Striking The Balance

Review for Striking The Balance

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Oh wow, this was even more fun and hilarious than I had hoped/thought it would be! I now want the rest of this series as well. I want to see what other adventures Pico and his little sister Anna do and what trouble they get into.

We see the lives of Pico (the older brother with amazing hair) and his little sister Anna (with also amazing hair). From school (and how Pico tried his best to get more time for tests) to holidays and festivities (like Halloween, poor Pico but he really got himself out of that one and I had a laugh at Anna’s outfit and how she didn’t realise she looked like a dog with a cone). There is also things like Santa Claus, is he real or not (which was really sweet but also a bit sad).

These kids are delightful and precocious. They always have a snappy answer back (like when the dad said that Pico should stop acting like a child, and Pico just said: Ok, later, man! I’ll take the cab home.), or they ask the questions only kids can ask. At times they annoy their parents (poor mom, all she wanted was a bit of help in the kitchen) or make a mess out of the house (or the garden when their was a mountain of snow).

I just love how the brother and sister interact with each other. They are so sweet together, and it was quite refreshing to have a brother/sister duo without fights.

The art reminds me a bit of Peanuts, mostly due to the expressions on the characters or how they react to things. It is a really cute style (though I do wonder how the hell the hair on those kids work, did the parents give up on combing their kids hair?).

All in all, I really enjoyed this book and I want to read more! Recommended!

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