Review for Take The Fall

Review for Take The Fall

“None of them knew just how she fell
Down, down through the air-
and now she’ll never tell”

So I had to read this one for a challenge on one of my groups. This one seemed the most interesting out of the books we could pick from. I was quite eager to get started, but I have to say I am a bit disappointed now that I actually read the book.

It was just a bit too reminiscent of other YA mystery/thriller. In fact, due to that (and maybe also with how the book was written) I knew the whodunnit from the start and was rolling my eyes when it was actually confirmed to be x person at the end. Not only that but I could see every twist coming a long way before they actually popped up. And after we got to know Gretchen a bit more, and her relationship with people, I just knew the motive right away. 😛 Yep, it was quite predictable.

Now I can hear you wondering, why the high rating? Well, it was still a pretty decent written book and it did capture my attention until the end. Not to mention I was seriously shipping Marcus with Sonia. Yep. I just wanted those two to get together already and just get over whatever problem were between them.

Plus it was also fun, or should I say interesting, to read how a murder splits up an entire town. Again, nothing I haven’t seen in other books, but it is fun to see how there are differences in every book, tiny ones, but still differences. How everyone, no matter what the police is saying, is going after Marcus. How they shun him. I do wonder if he will ever be accepted again or that he will have to move.

Gretchen? Gee, I guess we are at first supposed to be sorry and sad for her, and for a bit I was (just a tiny bit)… but then we learned what Gretchen really was in terms of personality. It is just funny that even though she did all those things that people still thought she was amazing, wonderful, sweet, kind, etc. etc.. I mean the girl did some serious crazy stuff, from blackmailing people, having sex and dumping boys left and right, hurting people close to her, do you want me to go on? No, good. As you can read, Gretchen wasn’t a sweetie pie.

Kirsten? Bleh, I never liked her at all. I get that she wanted the attention of her sister, but to do all she did? No, I can sorta see why her sister didn’t like her sister that much. Especially near the ending with the prom? Sorry, but what in the name of all that is beautiful possessed you to do that?

The characters were pretty OK written (though at times I was rolling my eyes at their dumb decisions), the town is nicely described (I could imagine myself wandering through the streets).

So yeah, it had good moments, but a whodunnit that is easily guessed and lots of cliche stuff, that just doesn’t make me all too happy. So yeah, I am on the fence if I would recommend this one or not. If you don’t mind an easily guessable whodunnit, some cliche writing, and your eyes don’t mind doing some rolling movements, go ahead and try this one out.

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