Review for TBH, This is So Awkward

Review for TBH, This is So Awkward

This was one of those book I really looked forward to, and I am so glad I had the chance to read it.

All of this book is done in texts, mails, messages, and I really love the format. It fitted perfectly with the story. I have to say at first I thought it would just be a few pages or chapters with this, but thankfully the whole book is like this.

There is tons of drama though. And this may sound controversial or not nice, but I am not sure who I am agreeing with or who I think is the wrong side. Victoria is also definitely not one who is all innocent. Why? Because who in their right mind would pull a phone number/email address from a register to just call/text/mail someone? I am sorry, but maybe I am old fashioned, but I would think that before you go text some strange person you should first introduce yourself normally and let them give you their phone number when they are ready to do so.
Not to mention that she is quite stalkerish, she shouts at them (in capslock), she keeps going on and on against these girls. Forcing herself upon themselves as if she expects them to just magically POOF accept them. Um sorry, but no, just no. That is just not how friendship or getting friends works. Maybe it worked in your previous school, but seriously, no.

Of course I am also not totally agreeing with the girls, if they had been just clear about stuff from the start this whole drama would have been avoided. However, I can imagine if some strange girl just texts you, gets into your chat, and then just keeps on stalking, that you just don’t want to initiate any more interaction, heavens forbid she may just go to a teacher or parent and have them force you to talk to her (oh wait, this happens in this book sighs).

So yeah, it is a story with two sides. Victoria is wrong, but also the girls for not being clear. There is no side that is just innocent and sweet.

It was still interesting to read how everything just escalated. How at first everything was sweet and good, and then everything got worse with every text.

I did think it was going pretty far for the school to call it bullying, but eh, controversial opinion right here. And it definitely has to do with how Victoria also acted and how I just didn’t like that. She is not innocent, stalking and just getting phone numbers and forcing yourself upon people is just a no-no in my book. Again, the girls should have said something, but again, I can also imagine them not doing it.

I am not too sure who I liked out of the girls (the group, not Victoria). They all had their good and bad points.

Next to the whole drama we also have some romance (or well a girl pining for a cute boy), Gabby who is going to move (and the girls step into action to have her stay, which was absolutely cute and sweet of them).

I am also happy that this book is told from multiple POVs. We don’t just see mails/diary entries by Gabby, but also mails/etc. by Victoria. And then there are the texts and other things. It gives us a bit more insight in the characters and the situation in the book.

Also what the hell is up with parents reading their kids diaries? Would you like them to read your private stuff? No, well then don’t do it to them. 😐

I really enjoyed this book, most of my points come from the texts/mails format, the rest come from seeing how the whole situation escalated (which also was just silly).

All in all, I would recommend this book. I am curious to see what people think of the situation that happens in this book.

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