Review for The Cherry Pie Princess

Review for The Cherry Pie Princess

Talking cats, fairies, fairy tales, princesses and princess, kings and queens, and lots and lots more!

I instantly loved Peony. She wasn’t like her sisters, who just loved their looks and how fabulous they were, instead this girl wants to learn, she wants to read, she wants to study. During one visit to the library she manages to get a cooking book and thus starts her love for books and learning new things. Throughout the book it is shown how much she learned from that one book, and how eager she is to get more books. She really became a pro at baking cherry pies.
But she isn’t just eager for learning, oh no, this girl also has a knack for adventure, and isn’t afraid to do anything for her family (even if she may not always like them that much, so she is probably doing it mostly for her little brother). She is brave, strong, and determined. I am sure she would make a fantastic ruler if she ever got the chance to be one.

I was quite unhappy at how the dad did things. He doesn’t like x then that thing is either banned or the person is thrown into the dungeon. Yep, even for something as simple talking to the princess and handing her a book. 🙁 I felt sorry for Peony when she found out about the librarian, as that meant she learned a new side to her dad, and one that isn’t fun. But I was also proud of her how determined she was to talk to him, to get him convinced to undo his decision. Of course, the result… well you have to read the book, but I was definitely not happy with the king. 😐 Thankfully nothing stops Peony, and I loved what she did there.

This book also has various references to fairy tales, like the fairies that bring their blessings for the baby (or other family members), the hag who doesn’t get invited, the sleeping spell, and I could name a few more. I was delighted that the author managed to weave these elements into the story but still keep it original.

The ending was quite fun, and I was happy with what Peony managed to do. I hope this also means there will be a few more changes to how things are handled. Plus I hope Peony gets her wish of being with her baby brother more (yes, unlike her sisters she wants to care and play with her little brother). I am also happy for the fairies.

The book is also illustrated, and this was the main reason why I tried out this book. I fell in love with the illustrator’s art in Fairy Mom and Me, and just needed more of her art in my life. In this one as well the art is just fun, gorgeous, and I really loved it.

I will also be checking out what other books this author has written as I do love her writing style. Lastly, I would recommend this book to everyone looking for a fun, magical book featuring a wonderful main character.

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