Review for The Great Chocoplot

Review for The Great Chocoplot

The chocopocalypse is coming! Soon! dum dum dum

I really had to read this book, it fits so well with current news that chocolate will be gone in 2050. Plus I read a few pages in the Dutch edition and was just in love. Thankfully the English edition was here pretty soon when I ordered it.

This review may be a bit chaotic, sorry, I am really tired, but I do want to write a review for this book.

It all starts with Jelly just blissfully eating some candy when she hears the terrible news that there won’t be any chocolate in a few days time! Shock! But she is also sceptical, chocolate can’t just magically disappear can it? Chocolate comes from plants? Right? But she is worrying, you can see that.

And so begins the chaos of chocopocalypse. As each day passes we see the chocolate situation is getting more and more dire. People are hoarding chocolate, stores are turning emptier with each passing day, and there are even riots.

Jelly or Jennifer, was such a fun character. She is real sweet, dedicated, and brave.
I loved her experiment, and I am glad she finally found something to do/test. Sure, it was a bit simplistic and weird given how everyone else is truly working hard on their experiments and she is just making shots of the box, but it fitted with the current situation perfectly. Plus in the end… 😛

I liked figuring out/finding out how the chocopocalypse starting/began/what is going on with the chocolate.

I was at first wondering how the book would end, as we get the big battle/villain confrontation close to the ending, but there are still enough pages left. But the author really makes the ending fun, and I enjoyed seeing what happened after that confrontation. I had quite a laugh as well. Though I was also shaking my head as I don’t like cliffhangers! I just want the second book now!

I am not sure who I disliked more, the next-door neighbour (especially considering the stuff she pulls near the end) or the villain of this book. Mmm. thinks it over Well, I think I am going for the villain, though he is quite an idiot in the end. 😛

I am also not sure what to think of the parents. Sure, they did their best caring for her, but sorry, if you can’t even buy food for your kid all the days in a month… you are doing something wrong. If you just care about unhealthy snacks… This just kind of bothered me. But then again, it did fit with the book. How to explain it, you see the same happening in other books with silly plots (like Roald Dahl’s books), the parents are generally either terrible, bad, or just don’t seem to understand parenting. Some parents try, but some just plainly fail.

The book also has illustrations (a lot of them chocolate which just made me even hungrier) and I quite like the style of them.

All in all, I hope to see a second book someday, I want to know how this story continues! I want more Jelly, and I want more chocolate. 😛 And I would also recommend this book to everyone.

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