Review for The King of Space

Review for The King of Space

I will be king of space! That is what this little boy wants to be. Not engineer, or teacher, or vet, no, this kid wants to be King!

I spotted this book at Library #3 and just had to bring it with me! How could I resist a Jonny Duddle book, that is right, you can’t. This time no pirates, oh no, this time a boy who is aiming to be king!

And he is pretty dang brilliant at it as well. Though I would call him more an evil ruler than a good ruler, but eh, small details. 😛
I loved seeing him build robots, they were pretty awesome. Of course he needed help producing them, but I am sure if he had taken the time, he would have been an army by himself.

I do hope that we get more of this tiny little king, I want to see what happens to him now that X has shown disapproval.

Of course fabulous art by Jonny Duddle. I had such a laugh at how he drew that little king (that gigantic crown with a big bit of tape to hold it together).

I also quite loved the before and after parts (on the pages right after/before the cover). Especially that note, awwww, adorbs!

All in all, if you are looking for a book that will make you laugh, be sure to check this one out!

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