Review for The Midnight Chimes

Review for The Midnight Chimes

Ding dong ding dong, the time of midnight is here, and so are Robyn’s new powers!

So I bought this book at Boekenfestijn, and apparently I bought an ARC? So, I am missing several illustrations, and maybe some things have been fixed in the retail copy. Next time I will keep a closer eye on what I buy.

But back to this book, I didn’t have a clue if I would love the book, the blurb sounded really fun, but the MC sounded a bit so-so. This was a really blind buy, but boy I am happy I bought it, because I can tell you that I am going to be buying book 2 very soon.

One night Robyn wakes up due to the clock at Grimdean House ringing 12 o’ clock. And from that point Robyn can see all sorts of creepycrawly critters running around her house, in her house. Worst thing? No one else can see them in her house.

Thankfully as she will find out… she is not alone! Her best friend Aidan is also a Chime (as those people with powers are called in this book, which I quite liked), and she will also meet someone else named Nora who also has powers.

I have to say that the measures to get those three together in Grimdean was a bit over-the-top, but hey, whatever works, right? 😛

Seeing the school reside in Grimdean was quite a fun one, I wouldn’t mind my school (when I was still at school) be at some grand mansion full of mystery and creepy going-ons.

The training was a lot of fun, as was finding out what Chimes were, what monsters lurked around the world and how dangerous they were, and then there was the vampire threat, which made me squeal in happiness. I just love a good scary vampire, and I definitely got that one in this one. Also can I please have companion books with information about the monsters? Just like the ones Nora keeps reading? puppy eyes

At first I wasn’t sure what to think of how Aidan and Robyn treated Nora, but I was happy to see they gained respect for her. Not everyone is super in fighting, some, like Nora, are awesome with information and searching things, making sure everyone knows all about x monster. She really helped them out tons with all the stuff she just soaked up in her. And in the end she could also defend herself pretty OK-ish.

I disliked Robyn’s family. Not Annie, she was a sweetie, but the parents, the sister. Especially the mom. There is even one instance in the book in which the mom just forgot about Robyn and thus doesn’t have food for her. Then there are the numerous times Robyn has to just shove everything she has aside to babysit/care for her younger siblings. I get that one has to babysit, but to just force your kid to not go to a club/or anything else.. no. Not to mention that she almost didn’t get to join the “Bat club” because of her mom. Bah.

Mr Cryptorum? Mm, I am not too sure about him, on the one hand he shows that he quite cares about these kids, but I also found him a bit too grumpy and harsh on them. Especially his attitude towards Robyn. Yes, I get the girl is a bit nosy, and at times she blunders through life, but to be so mean towards her, and at one point disbelief her? No. I also can understand that it mustn’t be fun to have to find new Chimes because you are getting too old, but still that is not their fault. Plus they decided on participating on their own.

We also meet other Chimes, and boy what a bunch of stuck-up snobs those guys were. 😐 But if that is your boss, I guess it comes with the training.

The ending was absolutely awesome. I knew when x and y happened we would have an amazing ending to come, and I was right! Poor Robyn, but wow she sure is amazing, kicking butt for her little baby sister. And not only Robyn, but Aidan and Nora also showed that they are great Chimes and will be even greater with more training.

The book supposedly has illustrations, I have seen 3 of them before I got the Artwork to come thing. 😛 I quite liked the illustrations, their style is really fun, and I love how the characters (well, OK, I only saw Robyn) looks. Can’t wait for book 2 which will be a normal book and thus filled with these illustrations.

Also I love the humour. There quite a few parts that had me laughing out loud.

So, I think I have said enough what I wanted to say. This was a really fun, exciting, wonderful book, and I would recommend it to all.

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