Review for Wannabe: Choose Your Own Celebrity Adventure

Review for Wannabe: Choose Your Own Celebrity Adventure

Welcome to the life of Shampayne, you make the choices, will you let her become a celebrity? Or will you let her live a dull life?

Haha, this was a pretty hilarious choose-your-own-adventure book. I bought it on a whim at Boekenfestijn, wasn’t sure if I would love it, but I was more than willing to give it a try. I especially love the cover.

Shampayne is a fun character, a giant ditz, she isn’t the brightest bulb (but then again that also helped in various rotten situations when she just didn’t see someone was insulting her, must be nice to not be able to spot those and just blissfully go about your life), and at times a bit terrible (especially in regards to children and how she treats people), but I could also see other sides to her in various stories. I definitely liked that we got to see various aspects to Shampayne.

I had quite a lot of fun reading it, following the routes. 🙂 And yes, at first I just followed one route, but then I couldn’t stop and just went about most routes. From the ones in which she marries x dude to her enhancing her boobs to get even better chances of getting a role in a series.

I do wonder, how is this girl able to stand? If I have to believe the book she barely has any weight on her except for her boobs which are gigantic. 😛

I also loved the routes that had options that didn’t lead to anything in the book, but to something else, for instance: “If you want to become an earth mother, go and live in Brighton or something.” Or told us to just try again, because why did you even choose x option.

Definitely would recommend it if you want a quick, sexy book.

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