Waiting on Wednesday (Special Edition) ~ Be Your Own Backing Band

Waiting on Wednesday (Special Edition) ~ Be Your Own Backing Band

Good evening,

Welcome to the last special edition of WoW! Just 12 days to go before my birthday is here, and I am very much excited this year. 🙂 I will post more (probably on Twitter) when the time is near.

This week I got a book I am quite interested in, I have read a few more Liz Prince books, and so far I have loved them all. When I heard she wrote a new one, this time about music/bands, I just wanted to have it. But since I had so many other books I wanted as well during that time, this one went on the Present list. 😛

So this is book #12 on my squee books I want as a present, but as I always say, any book on that list is a MUST/WANT.

From Liz Prince, creator of Alone Forever, Tomboy, and Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?, comes a collection of comics about life through a punk-rock lens. Often humorous, sometimes poignant, and almost always embarrassing, these autobiographical stories are an essential addition to your LIZ-brary. Enjoy!

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