Waiting on Wednesday (Special Edition) ~ Catboy

Waiting on Wednesday (Special Edition) ~ Catboy

Hi everyone,

Just a few weeks to go before my birthday! So these coming weeks I am going to dedicate my WoW to my birthday and hope the right people read my posts to see my top favourite books to give me for my birthday (and be sure to check out my Goodreads shelves for more favs).

This week I got book #2! Book #1 is a book I already wanted from Santa, and I am sure he told the right people they should remember it for my birthday. 😛

I have had this book on my shelves for quite some time now, I really want to have it, but it is sadly quite expensive so I haven’t been able to buy it myself. It is about cats, about boys, about friendship, about being careful what you wish for, and more cuteness than should be healthy.

The adventures of young-adult Olive and her best friend Henry, turned from cat into a real human cat-boy after a poorly worded wish upon a shooting star. This graphic novel collects the hit ongoing weekly comic series from VICE.com along with all new exclusive and unreleased material and sketchbook pages. This contemporary series is cute, fierce, funny and adventurous!

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