Book Love Time ~ The Wizards of Once

Book Love Time ~ The Wizards of Once

Hello everyone!

So, as promised, I am featuring The Wizards of Once book again. This time I am going to show you the innards of the book kyaa, which include a signed bookplate + more!

I still need to read the book (though I did sample the first chapter), but I will be reading it very very soon. I am so delighted that I got a limited edition (as I would call it) of a book! ❤ This one will get a very special place on my bookshelf, and I will need to find a frame for the extra illustration. ❤

The inside

The bookplate *squee*

The extra illustration that was included with the book (isn’t it awesome?)

2 thoughts on “Book Love Time ~ The Wizards of Once

    1. Hello, I don’t know if the US version is like this, this is the UK edition from what I know (bought it at Foyles when I was in England/London for a few days).

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