Happy 4th Blogiversary! Hip hip Hooray (Giveaway Time!)

Happy 4th Blogiversary! Hip hip Hooray (Giveaway Time!)

Good morning people,

A day late, oops. But yesterday, after a week of thinking non-stop about the blogiversary, I forgot it. 🎊 But we can still party till we drop! Whoop whoop! 🎊

4 years, boy, where did the time go! I remember when I started my blog, still tiny (though filled with some older reviews from Goodreads to make up for the emptiness), then I started to add book-related stuff, doing promos (book blitzes/tours/etc.), adding meme posts, and now we are in 2018 with daily posts, sometimes 7 posts a day! It is just all superamazing!

And so I want to thank all my readers, my friends, my family who have supported me, who read my reviews and posts, who commented. Thanks you all, you are fabulous and amazing! 😘

Here is to 5 years (and further)! cheers

So I have made a giveaway! This one will be open for a bit over a week, and I will be giving away 2 of my favourite books that I want everyone to read. Fangirl + Simon Vs. That is for one winner! But I always love making people happy, so I am giving away 2 more books (up to 10 euro value) of choice at Book Depository! , 1 per winner. So that is 4 books, 3 winners!

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36 thoughts on “Happy 4th Blogiversary! Hip hip Hooray (Giveaway Time!)

  1. Happy Blogiversary, and congrats on 4 years!! I don’t know how you guys do it, seriously, the care, dedication, patience and perseverance needed alone… and juggling real life stuff too! So kudos to you *throws confetti*

    1. Thank you! 🍰 At times it isn’t easy to juggle it all, but then I think how happy I feel with sharing things with my friends, my readers, and it all makes it worth it. And there are many other things that make me feel grateful that I listened to my friends and boyfriend to try out blogging! Thank you! *twirls under the falling confetti*

    1. Thanks Nicole! 🍰 Oh, nice, you are indeed right in time to celebrate with me. Aww, thank you, happy to hear that! ❤️

  2. I feel like it was just yesterday when you were posting your third birthday post! Time flies, doesn’t it? Congratulations on FOUR YEARS, Mehsi!! ♥ I wish nothing but the best for you and this beautiful blog, and here’s to many more blogiversaries (:

    1. I know, I feel the same way! Time really flies. Thank you, Antonela! 🍰 So sweet, thank you! *raises a piece of cake as a toast* Here is to many many blogiversaries! Can’t wait to see how old this blog will get and what will happen in the future.

      1. Why not raising the whole cake? ahaha Cheers! And as long as your passion for books and sharing your thoughts remains, the blog will get really old! Best wishes!

        1. Haha, here is a whole cake as we are nearing the end of the giveaway. 🎂 Thanks, I hope that, when I am 80, I will still love reading/books. That would be kind of awesome, an old granny who blogs!

  3. “Wish my blog a Happy Birthday on my Blogiversary post or post a comment (a good one) on any post of mine.” Happy Birthday/Blogiversary!!

    1. Thank you, though this post is almost 2 years old.🤣 My 6th blog birthday is in 9 days. But I am happy with the congrats.

    1. Actually it is on the 24th (as this post should also say), so still some more days to go.🎂 But thanks for the congrats + compliment. 💕

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