Library Haul 10-2-2018

Library Haul 10-2-2018

Evening all,

I am so happy I had a chance to go to Library #3 and #2. I wasn’t sure at first if I could also visit #3, as during my trip to London I got a nasty flu (40C fever, coughing, pain everywhere, etc. etc.) and while it is going better today than on Wednesday, when it first hit me, I still don’t feel OK. But thankfully my fever is down to a good temperature, and while I still cough and can barely talk, I feel much better so I decided to just give it a try. If it wouldn’t go all right I would just go all the way home/rest the next coming days.

Thankfully, so far I feel pretty OK, though very very tired, so as soon as I get this post up I am going to dive into bed and sleep.

So today, 2 libraries, and lots of books. At library #2 I had 4 reservations waiting for me, plus I had to bring one book back to the librarians as, while I was reading it, I noticed that many pages were missing. As soon as I brought in my old books + that one damaged book, I checked the new releases and found 3 other books. I got a total of 7 books at Library #2.

Then it was off to Library #3, I didn’t find any new books on the ground floor’s new releases, but I did find some new books at the Children’s/YA part, and also several new comics at the comic part. I found 12 books (I still have some other comics I wanted to bring, arghhh).

Stats: 19 new books. 4 non-fiction, 6 comics, 9 fiction.

Hotel Hartzeer by Marion Pauw, Susan Smit
Sproet, de stoutste pony van stal by Rian Visser, Margriet van Noort
Mijn mooiste herinnering eindigt hier by Eric Lindstrom
Jouw perfecte jaar by Charlotte Lucas
Home Sweet Home by Yvette van Boven
De strikt geheime geschiedenis van codes en codebreken by Roy Apps
Tijger by Barbara de Wolf

What I Lost by Alexandra Ballard
Julius Zebra: Entangled Egyptians by Gary Northfield
Bigfoot, Tobin & Me by Melissa Savage
Royal Crush by Meg Cabot
Hallo wereld by Bana Alabed
Verdrinken by Marlies Slegers
Tamara 11 by Christian Darasse, Zidrou, Bosse
Engel/Duvel 1 by Mirka Andolfo
Engel/Duvel 2 by Mirka Andolfo
Magic 7: 1 by Rosa La Barbera, Kid Toussaint, Guiseppe Quattrocchi
Jan, Jans en de Kinderen 1 by Jan Kruis
Pandamonia: Beestenboel by Ennio Ecuba, Vincenzo Lauria

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