Library Haul 24-2-2018

Library Haul 24-2-2018


Happy weekend everyone! And what a weekend it is. Today I got 13 new books from Library #2 and tomorrow I will be visiting a motorcycle fair (not sure what the actual right English word would be for it). Now if only it would get a bit warmer outside it would be even better, though I guess it means I can sip tons of hot chocolate (with marshmallows or whipped cream, mmm) to keep me warm.

Back to Library #2 and me visiting it. I had 10 reservations waiting, and since I still had 2 books at home (one of the two is a book my boyfriend wants to read but he hasn’t found time to do so), I could bring 3 more books. And I found those pretty fast. One is a reread, the other two are comics (one is the last book I need to read in a series, and the other is a comic I have been interested in for some time, hopefully it is good).

I always love my boyfriend’s reaction when I have just a few books in my hands and then tell him we can pick up my reservations. 😛 He always looks surprised and then he shakes his head at his bookworm of a girlfriend.

So stats time. Stats; 13 books. 4 comics, 5 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

Het Geheime Weekboek van groep 8 by Jacques Vriens
Oktober is de koudste maand by Christoffer Carlsson
Voor Siri by Judith Newman
De alleseter by Joël Broekaert
De salto sultan by Corien Oranje
Year One by Nora Roberts
Groen in glas by Judith Baehner
Belevenissen van een agent Jacco Bezuijen
Waanzinnig veel! by Zep
In alles BFF’s by Rene Bergmans
Acception #Losers by Coco Ouwerkerk
Jan, Jans en de kinderen by Jan Kruis
Iets grootsch & buitgenwoons by Ardaan Gerritsen

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