Library Haul 27-2-2018

Library Haul 27-2-2018

Good evening everyone,

Today I finally felt good enough + it seemed they have some new books, to go to Library #4 again.

Sadly, 2 of the books I wanted weren’t there any more by the time I got to the library. pouts I hope that I can find them next time, or maybe at another library.

But luckily 3 other books that I wanted were still there, and after walking around I found 4 other books to take with me (including 2 I had been eyeing for some months now).

Stats: 7 books. All of them fiction.

Dagboek van een noob – krijger by Cube Kid
Cupido Stupido by Melody James
Slapen in een stal by Vivian den Hollander, Saskia Halfmouw
Kan Ella toveren? by Kiki Banks
Hart en paard 1 by Stasia Cramer
Hart en paard 2 by Stasia Cramer
Grote doos Kleine doos by Caryl Hart, Edward Underwood

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