Review for 3D Kanojo Vol.1

Review for 3D Kanojo Vol.1

Welcome to the love story of two people, Tsutsui and Igorashi, who couldn’t be more different but who will be together for life (I already have a good feeling about this couple).

So I heard this one would be getting an anime and I was instantly curious about it. So I decided to check out the manga and see if it would be worth it to watch when it comes out. I can say now, that after reading the first volume, I will be watching the anime. I just need to see these characters, their interactions, their romance animated.

Our MC is Tsutsui, a grumpy (at least in my eyes) otaku nerd guy who stays away from a lot of people. One day he is late and has to clean the pool. Not alone, oh no. Igorashi has to help him. Tsuitsu has his opinions ready about her, but boy, is he going to find out that this girl may be totally different then he expects!
It took me a while to like this guy, and now, after 4 chapters I think he has potential and he shows that he can be very sweet and kind (with his gift for Igorashi’s birthday), but he should stop judging people and stop being so grumpy all the time. 😐

Igorashi, of course I was at first worried about her. The rumours that floated around her seemed to be true in some ways (like her kissing with multiple boys, not to slutshame, but that is just not a good thing), but I could also see that she was a very sweet girl and had a good heart. I loved how she fell for Tsutsui and how she accepted his otaku hobbies (and even being delighted with them and loving them).

These two people, who couldn’t be more different, are now dating. Will this go well? Will they get closer? Will they truly fall in love (especially since Tsutsui seems to be more into 2D girls :P)? But as I said, I got a good feeling about these two. And I will be rooting for both of them!

Then there is the whole 6 months thing. Igorashi is leaving in 6 months. For what we don’t know, she only said it had to do with her dad. But is that true? She does meet up with her physician a lot of times, and I get some bad vibes (have seen too many anime where such an ominous thing was said only for the characters to be sick/dying). Hopefully the next volumes will tell us some more about this situation.

I am not too sure what to think of Itou. What is up with those animal ears? I know that Japanese schools can be pretty strict on clothes/hair (colour especially)/etc., so I wonder why they allow one student to just wear those things to class. It seems weird.

The art is pretty decent, at times it was even pretty (the eyes and clothes!). But some scenes (especially during the times that Tsutsui just disappears behind his hair (and thus his glasses get magically eaten)) were just not my favourite.

All in all though I am really curious to see how this one will go. There are 11 more volumes so I got a lot to read. 🙂

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